With nearly two decades of experience in a variety of communications environments, I can help you focus your efforts for success.

Website Support Options

Your website wears a few hats for your business. At its best, you need it to serve as an extension of your business card, helping to educate prospects while they get to know you. You also need it to attract new prospects who can learn more about you and your services.

Sometimes, it just feels like such a chore. Every time you log in, there’s a problem– usually a small one, but a pain that slows you down. You forgot your password. You can’t get that text aligned correctly. The picture is rotated the wrong way. Enough!

Let me deal with the hassles that seems to creep up every time with my Basic Web Support package. I’ll deal with updating the content management system as needed AND give you the best words to aid in creating a great experience for your visitors. Need an overhaul to a more modern look? In the Web Build package, we’ll consider redesigning in your current space or building a new, fresh, and clean site that prioritizes the visitor experience.

Strategic Communications Plan Design

Ever heard the experts say you should be posting to Facebook 3 times a week, tweeting a dozen times a day, and pinning to Pinterest 40 times a day? You can do all of that…or you can run your business. Let’s find the right places to direct your energy and maximize your results. We’ll create a plan to cultivate your optimal audience and we’ll make sure that plan works in YOUR life. Developing a Strategic Communications Plan is industry standard, but not necessarily general practice for smaller organizations. We’ll give you the edge by truly reflecting on:

• Your audience and how to engage it
• Your life and how to make communications flow naturally for you, and
• Your organization and creating efficiency by improving communication.

Then we’ll write it all down and commit to a smooth way of making it happen!

Communications Plan General Contractor

So you’ve got the plan. Now what?

One option is to implement and execute with Dorazio Communications. I am proud to produce the work I can deliver at the quality you’ll need to move the needle, cost-effectively. But I’m not so proud to pretend I’m the most talented guy in every platform, space, and competency. With so many amazing creatives in our region, you can also use me an an intermediary to work with other specialists. My familiarity with your strategy, the process and the specialties will keep the goals top of mind and stretch your dollars when it comes to working with specialists. I’ll help ensure all elements of the plan are on brand and on message so that we can use them effectively.

Special Projects

I can also deliver or manage individual projects or ongoing platform management services as needed in a variety of areas including:

• Media Campaigns, Media Relations 
• Social Media Campaigns & Management
• PR & Crisis Communications
• Photography/Videography
• Marketing Collateral and Ads
• Newsletters
• Email Marketing Campaigns
• Promotion